• V60 Type R

    RGB Underglow

    QMK Support

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    MCU controller ATMega32u4

    The low-power Microchip 8-bit AVR® RISC-based microcontroller featuring 32 KB self-programming flash program memThe low-power Microchip 8-bit AVR® RISC-based microcontroller featuory, 2.5 KB SRAM, 1 KB EEPROM, USB 2.0 full-speed/low-speed device, 12-channel 10-bit A/D-converter, and JTAG interface for on-chip-debug. The device achieves up to 16 MIPS throughput at 16 MHz. 2.7-5.5 volt operation.

    By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the device achieves throughputs approaching 1 MIPS per MHz, allowing you to optimize power consumption versus processing speed.

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    Fully Programmable open source!

    Firmware designed by geekhack @sdiearly


    Not support PS4

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    v60 type r

    Deep Ocean

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    standard ansi layout

    Standard 60% keyboard and meet all your needs!

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    Cherry MX switch

    guaranteed 50-million keystroke lifespan for ultimate long-lasting durability

  • V60 Type ReView

    feel it!

  • Overview V60 type r polestar

  • V60 Type R Polestar Typing Test

    Not only typing , but listening!

  • How to program V60 Type R

    via TMK / QMK / TKG tool

  • Download Now

    download how to program V60Type R

    select "Fantastic60"

  • QMK Configurator

    A easy way to program.

    enter the layout, then click compile, then download the firmware.Then reflash it

  • Polestar version

    White Front - ABS Shine through Black keycap

    RGB underglow transparent Case

  • Polestar double shot keycap edition

    RGB underglow

  • Standard double shot keycap edition

    OEM PROFILE NO backlit

    Purple Dream

    Starry Night


    Deep Ocean

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    type r matias polestar

    Fully programmable and underglow RGB ALPS keyboard

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    V60 type r iso version

    UK , Nordic as your need

  • Description

    V60 TYPE R

    The KB Paradise V60 Type R keyboard is a mini 60% keyboard, roughly 60% of the size of a standard keyboard with 60% of the keys.The V60 also comes with a detachable cable, to help when transporting your keyboard.

    Say goodbye to rage quits due to crappy hardware. The V60 Type R comes equipped with a 32-bit Atmel ATmega32U4 processor for consistent precision and performance. Register keystrokes instantly. Save and execute commands and macros in a snap.


    • Open source firmware
    • Programmable via QMK/TMK/TKG tool

    Standard ANSI Layout
    Use Type R as a standard 60% keyboard or program it as your needs!

    Fully Programmable – QMK open source!
    Firmware designed by geekhack @sdiearly



    Model: V60 Type R

    • Size: 60%
    • Switch Stems: MX
    • Physical Layout: US QWERTY
    • Logical Layout: ANSI
    • Frame Color: Black
    • Frame Top Material: Plastic
    • Frame Bottom Material: Plastic
    • Primary LED Color: n/a
    • Control LED Color: n/a
    • USB Key Rollover: Full
    • Multimedia Keys: Yes
    • Switch Mount Type: Plate
    • Built in Audio Port: No
    • Built in Mic Port: No
    • Interface(s): USB
    • Windows Compatible: Yes
    • Mac Compatible: Yes
    • Linux Compatible: Yes
    • Dimensions: 11.42" x 3.94" x 1.68"
    • Weight: 1.25 lbs
    • Cord Length: 60 inches
    Firmware not support Play Station 4
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    Q & A

    Q & A

    Question :What's the difference between V60 and V60Type R ?

    Ans :

    Major difference,

    V60 firmware not allow key map ( programmable ) , only adjust couple keys by 6 port dip switch at back side.

    V60 Type R , use open source firmware , end user can programmable via QMK / TMK / TKG tool.

    V60 Type R Polestar version also support RGB underglow.


    Question : I recently got my V60 Type R board but I'm not sure how to change the color of the underglow. I know how to change the color mode from breathing to a solid color but I don't know how to adjust the color.

    Ans :

    we have 3 versions of V60 Type R

    a. ) NO Led. Black Case

    b. ) Polestar : Top No LED ( ABS Double Shot keycap ) , Rear RGB LEDs . Transparent Case.

    c. ) Polestar : Top White LED ( ABS Shine Through keycap ) , Rear RGB LEDs . Transparent Case.

    There are 2 area to control LEDs.

    Please trial and error to test the LEDs function.


    Be note that , if the RGB underglow not as bright as expect , please try to adjust top white LEDs. ( press FN+X , FN+C . FN+Z )


    Question : Type R support PS4 ?

    Ans: sorry , Not support PS4