• flat 60 rgb

    Ultra Slim

  • Low Profile Switch

    Fraly Blue / Red Switch

    Chocolate Keycap

    Flat surface

    RGB Backlit

    13 modes RGB lighting

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    Flat60 takes the classic slim, minimal design of the most popular chiclet keyboard and injects it with the signature of flair and functionality. This includes a brushed aluminum top plate for durability and contemporary good looks, while a contoured floating key design gives you a 1-2 punch of functionality and signature beauty. The result is a keyboard that looks familiar, but feels unlike any other chiclet-style keyboard you've used before.

  • Compact size Meticulously crafted

    The perfect balance of innovation, portability and performance

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    Ultra Slim

    17mm / 0.67in

  • RGB Backlit

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    RGB Backliting

    13 models RGB lighting

  • RGb backlit demo

    13 modes

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    Fraly low profile mechanical switch

    48% slimmer than traditional switch

    50 million keystroke lifespan - reliability and long lasting typability.

    Tactile responses - Blue

    switch height of 6mm, 45g ±15g actuation, and 3mm throw depth,Flat60 offer you a quick actuation and comfortable typing.

  • fraly blue typing test

  • n-key rollover

    anti-ghosting technology

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    Detachable cable design

    Micro USB cable

  • aluminum front panel

    Premium feel and out lookt

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    What you get


    Detachable USB mini cable

    Wire Key Puller

    User manual

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  • SPEC

    • Primary LEDs: RGB
    • Control LEDs: RGB
    • System: Windows/Android/Mac/iOS
    • Low Profile Fraly Blue / Red switch
    • Flat Chocolate Black Laser Etched ABS with Backlit (Silver) legends
    • 13 mode RGB backlit