V80 ALPS Stem TKL Keyboard
V80 ALPS Stem TKL Keyboard
75.00 - 125.00
87 key ANSI US layout
various keycap set option
Costar stabilizer
mini USB
Coming soon
Coming soon
More Details

Backlog order start to ship from Jan. 22th, 2021. 

This is the last limited Edition. 

Global Limited QTY include below , 

Matias Click :  111 Pcs

Matias Quiet Linear :  15 Pcs

Fukka White :  189 Pcs

Datacomp ALPS Blue :  20 Pcs


**If you need only DIY set , we offer an option at the bottom of order form. **

V80 ALPS DIY kits : include ALPS PCB , Top and bottom case , metal plate , USB cable , color box

NO Switch , NO keycaps

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