V60 Type R , Polestar
105.00 - 109.00
Open Source Firmware
Programmable via QMK/TMK/TKG tool
Front White LED backlit
Rear RGB underglow backlit
ABS Shine through Black Keycap
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All options are out of stock
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MX Brown
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MX Red
MX Clear
MX Silent Red
MX Speed Silver
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More Details
Model: V60 Type R
Size: 60%
Physical Layout: US QWERTY
Logical Layout: ANSI
Frame Color: Transparent
Primary LED Color: White
Control LED Color: RGB
USB Key Rollover: Full
Multimedia Keys:    Yes
Switch Mount Type: Plate
Built in Audio Port: No
Built in Mic Port: No
Interface(s): USB
Windows Compatible:    Yes
Cord Length:    60 inches
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