• V60 Type R

    RGB Underglow / Fully Programmable

  • Polestar edition

    White Front RGB underglow via QMK

  • Fully Programmable QMK open source!

    Firmware designed by geekhack @sdiearly

  • atMEGA32U4 mcu

    Say goodbye to rage quits due to crappy hardware. The V60 Type R comes equipped with a 32-bit Atmel ATmega32U4 processor for consistent precision and performance. Register keystrokes instantly. Save and execute commands and macros in a snap.

  • V60 Type ReView

    feel it!

  • V60 Type R Polestar Typing Test

    Not only typing , but listening!

  • How to program V60 Type R

    via TMK or QMK

    Try it

    the power of open source frimware

  • Polestar double shot keycap version

    RGB underglow

    Purple Dream

    Deep Ocean

    Starry Night


  • Standard and double shot keycap edition

    without backlit

    Purple Dream

    Starry Night


    Deep Ocean

  • Type R Matias Polestar

    Fully programmable and underglow RGB ALPS keyboard

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