V60 the 2

    coming soon

  • V60 the 2


    RGB Backlight

    18 RGB Mode

    PBT Double Shot Keycap

    Backlight seamless keycap


    ex-change the switch

    customizable layouts

    KBP60 Software

  • standard ansi layout

    Standard 60% keyboard and meet all your needs!

  • seamless PBT Double shot keycap

    Enjoy durability without cramping your style. Made from doubleshot PBT, these keycaps are thicker and sturdier, and won’t wear down to a shiny finish. They also showcase the sleekest, thinnest font ever seen on a PBT keycap for a clean, minimal aesthetic that will never fade.

    Made of high-grade thermoplastic with a sturdy, textured finish that never wears out, the keycaps are crafted with extra-thick walls fit for intensive gaming that produce satisfying, solid keystrokes

  • Engine

    ARM Cotex-m0 32bit mcu

    Say goodbye to rage quits due to crappy hardware. V60 The2 comes equipped with a 32-bit ARM Cotex-M0 32Bit processor for consistent precision and performance. Register keystrokes instantly. Save and execute commands and macros in a snap.

  • engine

    Customize V60 the2

    RGB / Button / Macro Setting


    V60THE2 uses N-key rollover technology that results in the most efficient, accurate anti-ghosting technology yet. N-key rollover ensures that every single keypress is correctly detected, even during your most heated, button-mashiest moments - or your chaotic crunch-time coding situations.

  • Hot swap rgb pcb desogn

  • Detachable USB-C CONNECTION

    The swappable connector PCB allows switching from USB-C to Micro USB with no soldering necessary.

    Detachable Cable for Enhanced Portability

    This convenient feature allows you to remove the cable when traveling with your keyboard, protecting both the keyboard and the cable and improving its portability.

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